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             Driving While Under the Influence 
If you have been convicted of a DWI in North Carolina then you are required to complete a DWI assessment followed by recommended treatment.  The DWI assessment is a series of questions that determines which level of treatment you will need in order to have license and driving privileges fully reinstated.  The assessment must be conducted by an agency licensed in North Carolina DWI service provider.  After the assessment, the assessor will make a recommendation for treatment or classes that you need to take.  
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What do I do if I am convicted of a DWI?
The first step to the license restoration process  is to obtain a DWI assessment.
To schedule an appointment for a DWI assessment, please CALL
Please Bring the Following Items:

  • DWI assessment fee of $100.00 (Cash, Money Oder, Credit Card, & PayPal... We do not accept personal checks.)
  •  A picture ID.
  •  A copy of the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or Refusal report.
  •  A copy of the citation if you have been charged with a DWI, but have not been convicted or a copy of   the judgment. (The citation is the pink ticket issued by the officer at the time of the arrest.  The judgment is issued by the judge at the time of conviction)
  •  A copy of your complete driving history from the DMW.
  • All documented needed (BAC and Citation or Judgment) may be obtained in the County where the DWI occurred.

If it is determined that a person needs treatment after the assessment to obtain their license, here are the services that we provide.

Alcohol Drug Education Training School (ADETS) ($160.00)

Short Term and Long Term Outpatient Therapy (20 & 40 hour)

Short Term- 20 hour ($20.00 per session) 
-Minimum of 20 hours of counseling over a minimum of 30 days.
-Program Orientation and Group Counseling

Long Term- 40 hour ($20.00 per session) 
-Minimum of 40 hours of counseling over a minimum of 60 days.
-Program Orientation and group counseling setting with a licensed professional.


Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) ($75.00 per session) 
-90 sessions over 90 days 
-Individual, family and group therapy 
-Case Management
Intensive Recovery Supports Program

DWI Program 

Intensive Recovery Supports Program (IRS) 

IRS provides an array of Case Management Services to women with children (or pregnant) who are in early recovery from Substance Abuse. This program is intended as a step down program from a higher level of care (SAIOP, Residential, SACOT and/or Detox.) This program is designed to work with a woman and her family for 10 hours per week for four months on case management functions such as employment, housing, financial and other life skills. 

Entrance Criteria;

- Medicaid Recipient in Mecklenburg County

- Must have children and/or be pregnant

- Stepping down from a higher level of Substance Abuse Treatment and Care.